Cottages of Koivuniemen Tila are located in two different areas. The actual Koivuniemen Tila is in Säkylä, in Pyhäjoki village. Easiest way to come here is with car. Best public transport is bus. Nearest bus stop is in Säkylä centre.

All the other cottages are situated in Loimaa town, Virttaa village. Or in other words in Alastaro Circuit. Easiest way to come here is also with car. Best public is bus. Nearest bus stop is either next to Vampula SEO gas station or in Virttaa next to the restaurants Siilinpesä and Karoliina. Distance between these two areas, Koivuniemen Tila and Alastaro Circuit, is about 15 km or 10 minutes. All of these cottages are situated very well near the big roads. If you are going to visit in Finland’s big cities like Turku, Tampere, Pori or Rauma, you’ll drive there in about one hour.


Helsinki 200 km
Turku 75 km
Tampere 110 km
Pori 75 km
Rauma 60 km
Kokemäki railway station 35 km
Säkylä bus station 8 km

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